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触控智能定硫仪是依据库仑滴定法的原理(参见GB/T 214—1996)制成的。由单片机系统进行高温炉的温度控制和库仑滴定结果的测量,由液晶显示屏显示,并向单片机系统发送相应控制命令,由单片机系统独立完成相应工作。

Intelligent Touch Control Sulfur Detector is made based on the principle of coulometric titration (refer to GB/T 214-1996). The temperature in the high temperature furnace is controlled by the SCM system, and the coulometric titration result is measured by the SCM system and then shown on the LCD. After receiving the corresponding control command, the SCM system will finish the corresponding work independently. 


1. 该系统用于测量煤、焦炭、石油等可燃物资的硫含量。

1. The system is used to measure the sulfur content in combustible materials such as coal, coke and petroleum. 

2. 整个测试过程由单片机自动完成。

2. The whole test process is completed automatically by SCM. 

3. 实验过程中校正方便,直观。

3. Calibration is convenient and intuitive in the experimental process. 

4. 测量结果可长期保存,可查询、打印。

4. The measurement results can be kept for a long time, and can be inquired and printed. 

5. 系统工作温度 用户可通过软件在600℃----1150℃之间选择设定(测煤时为1050℃,测石油时用户可选择800℃)。

5. The user can set the working temperature of the system between 600℃ and 1150℃ by software (1050℃ for measurement of coal and 800℃ for measurement of petroleum). 

6. 微机与单片机系统之间采用标准RS232串行接口,具有接线简单、传输可靠、传输距离远、故障率低等特点。

6. The microcomputer is connected with the SCM system by the standard RS232 SI, which is featured with simple wiring, reliable transmission, long transmission distance, low fault rate, etc. 

7. 单片机系统负责控制高温炉的温度控制、测量数据的采集,并进行数据处理。

7. The SCM system is responsible for temperature control, collection of measurement data and data processing of high temperature furnace. 

8. 本系统将高温炉、磁力搅拌器、空气净化装置、电解池、自动送样机构、单片机控制线路合理地放置在同一机箱内,使整机系统美观、体积小、系统的放置与连接方便、系统的操作与日常维护简单等特点。

8. In this system, high temperature furnace, magnetic stirrer, air cleaning unit, electrolytic tank, automatic sample presentation mechanism and control circuit of SCM are reasonably placed in one case, which can achieve characteristics such as beautiful system, small volume, convenient placement and connection, and simple operation and routine maintenance. 


1. 硫的测量范围: 0.1~10% 。

1. Measuring range of sulfur: 0.1~10%. 

2. 载气流量: 1000ml/min 。

2. Carrier gas flow: 1000ml/min. 

3. 测硫时间:3—9min,仪器自动判断终点。

3. Sulfur determination time: 3-9min. The instrument automatically determines the end point. 

4. 升温速度:20~45min。

4. Rate of temperature increase: 20-45min. 

5. 电源要求:单相交流电压~220V  50Hz, 功率  2KW 。

5. Power requirements: Single-phase AC voltage: 220V, 50Hz; power: 2KW. 

6. 准确度: 符合GB/T214-1996。

6. Accuracy: Conform to national standard GB/T214-1996. 


  • HZDL-8汉字自动定硫仪

  • KZDL-8A快速智能定硫仪

  • ZDL-9自动定硫仪

  • WDL-9A微机定硫仪



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